This project was based on Haryana and mainly for promoting tourism in Haryana- The project did its work well and eight important tourist spots in Haryana were depicted in eight episodes.

SOHNA-Prakirtik Upchaar Ka Jalkund

Located 56 km. From Delhi Sohna hills is famous for its sulphur springs. These sulphur springs are nature's one way of treatment. This picturesque health cum holiday resort lies atop the Aravalli hills.

Once, gold dust was collected from sands of stream flowing around it and so the place came to be known as "Sohna" meaning gold.

The sulphur springs of "Sohna" are famous for their medicinal properties with temperature ranging from 46 degree celcius to 51 degree celcius. These springs are located on the feet of a perpendicular rock and are capped by a dome believed to have been built in the 14th Century. The spa complex with sauna, sulphur and steam bath facilities for tourist is situated upon the rock.

Geeta Ka Udgam Sthal - Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra, the holy pilgrimage covers an area of 48 kosas, in which 360 places of pilgrimage related to Mahabharata can be seen.

Kurukshetra has been the germinating ground of the essence of what we call Hinduism. It is one of those holy towns that have borne the imprint of Lord Krishna's foot steps.

It is the land where MANU wrote "Manusmriti" where learned "Rishis" or Indian sages and scholars compiled the holy "Righ veda* and "Sama Veda". It is the land where the righteous "King Kuru" performed the supreme sacrifice to bring prosperity to the land and its people.

This was the place where the great epic battle of Mahabarta taught man righteous action. Lord Krishna chanted religious mantras and righteous action to Arjuna, the Pandava prince. These chanting known as "Geeta".

Dam Dama Jheel Main Nauka Vihar and Aao Sair Karein Tiliyar Jheel

Tiliyar Jheel came into existence in 1976 with in an area of 132 acres. Its tourist complex is splendid and large and has various tourist facilities. Tiliyar lake, a large lake attracts boating enthusiasts. These are guestroom, restaurant, bar and a mine zoo for patron. Tiliyar attracts crowds of holiday makers on weekends and holidays. Adventure sports facilities for Kayaking and boating are available.

Pinjore-Mugliya Chavi Ka Sakaar Roop Yadvendra Bagh

Pinjore lies on the foothills of the lower Shivalik Ranges and is located 22 kms. from Chandigarh and 14 kms. From Panchkula town.

Pinjore is famous for one of the most fascinating Mughal garden. Pinjore garden are one of the tourist resorts not only for tourist, but also for historians and archaeologists. The majestic Mughal garden of the 1/ century AD> were planned by Nawab Fidai Khan, a cousin of Aurangazeb, and an architect of repute. The garden consist of awe-inspiring places namely the "Rang Mahal" and the "Sheesh Mahal*. The garden were handed over to Haryana in 1966 AD and was formed as a new state.

From the religious angle, Pinjore has long been associated with the five Pandava brothers of the epic Mahabharta, It is believed that the Pandavas stayed in the area during their exile.

Tools of the early man have been found from the region. Old scriptures and inscription and Bawri" on water well stand testimony to the ancient history of the region.

Pahariyon Se Ghira "Aravalli Golf Course" Do Pal Aaram Ke Shan "Dabchik"

The dramatic Aravalli Range forms a magnificent backdrop for the stretches of lush turf and rolling fairways the 18-hole championship course designed by the legendry king of golf, Arnold Palma. The gold course has been constructed to the United State Golf Organization (USGA) standards, the main areas for these standards being green and tee complex, bunker construction practices and procedures sand types, shape and porosity, drainage and irrigation system.

Surajkund Pachan Ki Godh Mein Nirmal Jal Kund

Surajkund is located 177 kms. away from the city on Delhi Agra road. Tomar Raj Surajpal dug up this kund in eleventh century in order to meet the water shortage in south-west Delhi. Today there is no water in the kund but the Temple of sun God still exists there. The construction consists of a steeped stone embankment on a semi-circular plan to impound the rain water. One can enjoy the placid water of the lake, as there are facilities tor boating.

Surajkund tourist complex is a place steeped in history. Tomar ruler Raja Suraj Pal had this tank made for his daughter. Surajkund represent the rising sun and consists of a semi circular step way leading down to the lake. Ruins of a sun temple lie around the lake, and people insist that the lake had healing powers in days gone by.

Badkal Dev Bhumi Par Swasth Tan Aur Vatavaran

This lake is a ornithologists' paradise and is located 32 km. From Delhi. The lake is infringed by hills 32 kms from Delhi Come winter and folks of bird descend upon it.

Badkal Lake, fringed by hills is a man made embankment in which holds back the water of the it a perfect spot for water sport. On one in the surrounding hills there are rest huts, which are small, cozy and compact. On request, can hire a private jetty for a pleasurable boat The Badkal lake has also been provided with compact and cool bath complex.