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Rishton kee Doree

Increasing consumerism the world over is one of the biggest challenges of our times and one of the biggest casualty of this is the common family where everyone play his or her role in a predefined manner. There is always a generation gap between old and new players which results in clashes and to keep the family united inspite of all odds, somebody or the other has to sacrifice his or her life for the sake of this. Its anybody's guess that this responsibility is laways taken up by a woman in the family.

Riston Kee Doree is one such story set in modern times where the protagonist of our story is Anupama. When here parents die, she is well taken care by her brother and his wife. However her brother meets an accident and a young Anupama has to take up all the responsibilities. She sacrifices her own dreams thereby presenting a picture of an ideal Indian woman. The story of her trails and tribulations is very heart warming and compels us to salute the stength and determination of women of today.

Rahein Anjanee See

Raahein Anjanee see is the gripping story of Female Police officer who forsake all her Personal & emotional comforts and stood her grounds in rendering her duties towards Her nation

The serial contains all the elements of racy story - power, greed, lust, corruption and a Strong female central character. In this instance it is an upright police officer Gauri who wants to prove her father's innocence who was falsely implicated ina murder case. All her investigative instinx=cts tell her that a brutal setries of murders in a family are linked - and she works hard to prove it even if it means sacrificing her love life is in jeopardy. But she emerges as the epitome of courage, guts and the will power to do all that she does.

The story is full of sharply drawn characters who search endlessly for power and love and seek to dominate others even at the expense of self destruction. A truly gripping story of a family in the midest of love and betrayals, ambitions & fears, sacrifies and greed and as viewers navigate the twists and turns of the plot, they must anticipate the unexpected.