This film is a plea to save the wild life and environment. It focuses on the importance of forests in this context.

The forests are nature's reservoirs of its beautiful species of flora and fauna. The forests are rapidly decreasing innumber and size due to man's lust for land. Trees are the only source of oxygen on earth and can be called "Life-Giving" entitles on earth. Each tree like the Desi Kikar, Neem, Pipal etc. leaves oxygen which at a time 200 persons can use for inhalation. Dense forests not only dilute poisonous gasses but minimizes the harmful effects of gases like sulphur dioxide. A variety of wild life have started facing the fear of extinction due to ^discriminate cutting of the forests. These include the Cheetah, the giraffe etc

The film at its end makes a plea to save wild life and our forests in a very genuine way after on the importance of both.