These docudramas are the short films of maximum duration 2hrs.


This is a docudrama series on child labor, street children, child crime & child behavior. Childhood is the most enjoyable and tension free period of life. But not so, in case of street children. They have difficulties already sowed in their path and the sorrows and miseries of life which force them to commit crimes. The title is apt as it projects the kind of trap for street children as what was faced by according to our mythology similarly like ABHIMANYU in MAHABHARATA.

This prog, is divided into four major parts focusing on the central theme Children

Ace to Shakespeare one among the seven stages of life what is very important is the second stage that is childhood. This is the stage wherein the personality evorvement takes place. Now let us see how these street children life gets affected by and whom and how to show them the direction.

Mera Bachpan

"Bachpan" is the phase of life before adolescence. It is the most beautiful phase of the life with parents to care for, schools to study and friends to play with. But, all of these are lost amidst the demand of hunger and sorrow in the lives of street children.

Food, itself becomes a requirement for which these children have to work. They are ill-treated, manipulated and abused for food. The female child even has to face sexual harassment to fulfill her day to day needs.

Education, although a basic necessity, is out of question for these children. When, asked, they simply say that more important than the education is to earn for themselves and the other members of the family. The beauty and fulfillment of childhood in thus lost.

Child Labour

Child labour is the illegal aspect of child work where children are forced to work like grown up and are paid less wages. Child labour hampers the normal physical, intellectual, emotional and moral development of the child. Children, who are in the growing process can permanently distort or disable their bodies when they carry heavy loads or arc forced to adopt unnatural positions at work for long hours.

These are jobs that are hazardous in themselves and affect child labourers immediately. Hard physical labour over a period of years stunts a childs' physical stature by up to 30 percent of their biological potential, mines, quarries, curving heavy loads, jobs in glass and brassware industry of the children.

Child Crime