One to One Interview

Aaj ki Nari

This is an interview based serial. It's main focus is the achievements of Indian women in different fields. For many ages it has been thought that Indian women are capable only of running a house, cooking, washing and doing the menial tasks at home.

In history and even today, although this thought has taken a prominent stand in the society, some Indian women have risen above this unreasonable judgment and have become stalwarts in their own field. The likes of Jhansi Ki Rani, Sarojini Naidu and Indira Gandhi exist today also, but only a few achieve goals.

Neena Sanghera, an air force pilot, is such a woman flying, a male dominated profession, had always been her secret passion. When she had gone to fill up a form for her brother, she made an enquiry for herself, also. Soon, she passed all tests and after the required training period, she become an air force pilot. So, the sky is her limit now.

Such tame in an impossible area have been achieved by KTRAN BEDI, who is now A successful IPS as well as SHOBNA NARAYAN who is a classical dancer.