Life Sketch


This is film on the famous Urdu poet Mirza Galib made for Doordarshan. Mirza Asadulla Beg Khan known to posterity as Galib was born in the city of Agra, of parents Turkish aristocratic ancestory on December 27* 1797. As both his father and Uncle died while he was still young, he spent a good part of his early childhood with his mother's family His early education had been very minimal. Around 1810, he was married to a well-to-do educated family of nobles and he left for Delhi

Ghalib started writing at the age of probably seven or eight, but his substantially completed works were known by 1816. He first wrote in Persian, but started writing in Urdu. He led a comfortable life in Delhi and joined the Moghul court in 1847- He was appointed the king's advisor and wrote the official history of the Moghul dynasty. This project was to be entitled Paravistan and filled two volumes, the latter half of which was never completed. He however, wrote ghazals which are of the same excellence and tempa as his early work. In a society where almost everybody seem to have a house of his own, Ghalib never had one and always rented one or accepted the use of one from a patron. He moved to Calcutta.

Ghalib had many attitudes towards the British. His diary of 1857 the M Dast- Ambooh" is a pro-British document criticizing the British for excessively harsh rule and expressing horror at the tactics of the resistance forces. By 1858,this diary was published and he resented the of it to the British authorities "Ud-i-Hindi" the first collection of his letters was published in October, 1868-A few months later, on February 151859 he died.