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Handicrafts and Gift Fairs - '1998'

Handicrafts and Gift Fairs - '1999'

Handicrafts and Gift Fairs - '2000'

The handicrafts society of India conducts Handicraft and gift fairs every year.. For three consecutive years, a coverage was done for the Handicraft society of India. These fairs are meticulously planned to provide optimum business opportunities for Foreign buyers. With separate and individual product categories, the fair makes it easier to find the right product for one's market requirement.

The focus of these fairs are as follows:
i) House wares, decoratives and gifts
ii) Home Textiles, Furnishings, Furniture, Floor coverings and Home Accessories
iii) Christmas and floral decoration including eco-friendly products
iv) Fashion Jewelry, Accessories, Bags & Clocks.

The Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fairs is Asia's largest business and Trade sourcing event. The fairs have given a boost to the Indian Handicrafts Industry both in terms of business generated and the interest taken by the International buyer community in Indian Handicrafts.